Fennell, G. (1984). Preview of “Marketing, Ethics, and Quality of Life”. Motivation as Resource Allocation: Marketing Science and QOL.

This paper is about two topics that marketing authors have neglected, motivation and resource allocation. Although the topics are pivotal to understanding marketing as an activity and to the science of marketing, resource allocation has received virtually no attention; such treatment as marketing authors have given to motivation brings little to the subject that is not available elsewhere. Significant for the present discussion, a connection between motivation and resource allocation, which is the essence of a marketing perspective on motivation, has not been developed.

Fennell, G., & Weber, S. (1984). Avoiding Sex Role Stereotypes in Advertising: What Questions Should We Ask?. ACR North American Advances.

Advertisers want to avoid offending potential customers yet lack a tool to help identify possibly controversial elements during the course of advertising development. This paper describes initial work on such a tool and discusses conceptual issues that remain to be addressed. The implications of these issues are broad and relate to any attempt to describe the way women — or men — are portrayed in advertising.